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Navankur Ki Kalam se...

Pratosh Mishra the writer, Motivational Speaker & A poet demonstrated his commitment to Literature & Artistic culture as an expressive art. Using the name Navankur , he often expressed a young & Dynamic personality that demonstrated his thoughts, Vision and Feeling by using Lyrics, Poems and Speeches.

In the year 1997 he released his first book named "Sanghrika" Expressing his deep thoughts & emotions. Definition isn't sufficient enough to define his Deep thoughts & Emotions which gets represented by his actions even while performing normal tasks.

When He just Started his Journey

From very young age Pratosh have keen interest in Poems, Literature & Writing, and lead him to many awards and recognition in very young age where others literally understand the depth of words and Poems.

From getting the first job to becoming DGM of Leading Industry, his life was filled with struggle & Hard work, which clearly gets reflected in his poems and Speeches.

Certificates in the field of Litrature

Uttarpradesh Hindi Sahitya Sammalen

Rajeev Gandhi Yuva Kavi Award

Amrit Mahotsav Literature Award

Certificate of appreciation on Parshuram Jayanti

Janmashtmi Literature Award

Aalankaran Samaharoh Award

Awarded for Writing Poem

Certificate of Appreciation as a Poet

Book written by him


Poems written by him

Hariyala Sawan


Video and Media